Cover Reveal / Status Update


I got the cover for my current WIP today. Writing is still in progress of course, but I arrived at the mid-point yesterday and am making steady progress. 

My wife and I caught Corona, which obviously sets me back a little, since I can\’t bring myself to do dictation while she\’s around, and I\’m a slow typist, but this disease won\’t hang around forever, and I do my daily quota either way, it just takes up more time of my day.

Anyway, this is the cover of my novel \”Pendulum\”, set in the Aes Sidhe universe.


  1. Looks pretty Inge and I really like the cover art. Let me know your progress, as I would be interested I supporting local artists and authors.


  2. Thanks, will do 🙂 I'll keep posting here, and there's a newsletter i didn't set up yet (partly because i hate mail spam and don't wanna do that to others), but might at some point.


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