Deirdre "Jump Drive" MacBreen


Deirdre is the main character in \”Pendulum\”, the first novel in the Aes Sidhe universe. I didn\’t go overboard with physical descriptions, so the only two things in the book about her looks are \”small\” and \”red hair\”.

In the setting of Aes Sidhe, Celtic mythological creatures are part of the world of the humans now, and only Celtic creatures. The fact that Deirdre is Irish isn\’t relevant for anything, I just had to pick a nationality for my main character, and she introduced herself to me without asking. 2 of the 3 Arch Druids in the story are of Irish origin as well (the third is American). 

Deirdre is the daughter of scientists. Not much is known about them in this book (they seem to be well-known and of good reputation though, if Commander Armstrong of the space station Ad Astra is a valid indication), but I might drop small pieces of background in other volumes. She just doesn\’t reflect much on them in this story, and I didn\’t want to drop exposition without good reason.

Deirdre hates boredom, and she gets bored quick. This is one of her central traits, and it causes problems from time to time, especially when she zones out during a talk, and she misses vital information. I think I mentioned somewhere in the book that she\’s in her twenties (but not her exact age). While she goes through a growth process of sorts, this is not a real coming-of-age story.

Deirdre is not a fighter, and thankfully, this story is \”man vs nature\”, so there\’s no need for weapons and good reflexes.

This was a short intro to the protagonist of Pendulum. I\’m right now roughly 70% done with the first draft. If I can keep the pace, I\’ll finish some time during January. My wife and I are still sick with covid, however, and it might take a while until we can go back to our regular lives, which means I\’ll continue to write at lower speed than normal.

Stay tuned.

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