The end is near


I finally reached the point in the last act where there’s a clear path to the ending. All the obstacles and problems of the past are culminating here, and I’ll be able to wrap it all up nicely. This will all be possible before the end of the month, as planned. 

I’m over 80% done and am confident I can finish it with no further delays.

We\’re still home with Covid. My wife now has a pleurisy, an inflammation of the membranes that surround the lungs, which leaves hear breathless and exhausted most of the time, while I seem to have gotten away developing no real symptoms. I’d love to switch with her, but it is what it is. 

I still can’t do recordings. Walking the dogs by night, when there’s nobody around I could infect, sounded like a great idea until I tried it, and it turned out, there’s always someone around. Japan is like a beehive, people everywhere, all the time, even in semi-rural areas like this.

So I’ll type the rest of the novel, even though it’s painful and slow, compared to my dictation sessions. I’ve yet to fall below my minimum output goal, and things are moving, and while it feels terribly slow, I will finish it soon at this rate.

Already thought of the next Aes Sidhe novel. While the stories aboard the Tuatha De Danann are more of a fantasy adventure kind of deal, I’ll have a thriller line of stories playing out on earth on my list of settings, and I’m currently torn between rewriting an earlier novel to fit the narrative (which would be a prequel to the series), and starting from scratch. Not gonna dive deeper into this yet while still working on my current book though. I suck at multitasking 😉

Either way, my first draft is nearing completion, and I intend to move to the editing stage immediately. Can’t wait to put it up on Amazon, just so it frees up my time and I can start on the next book.

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