Status update and plans for 2021



Since I finished the first draft of Pendulum on December 19th, I made very good progress. As of today, four and a half chapters are still unedited, but I expect to get this done within the week. Meanwhile, my 1st edit is in good hands, and when I get it back, I\’ll do another one or two passes, but those will be a bit quicker, because there\’s less to do during those rounds (doubling down on character voice and polishing the prose, i.e. making it smoother, not fancier).

All in all, I\’m very happy, and I\’m still ahead of my schedule. My plans to publish Pendulum in February are unchanged. I might even be able to get it up on Amazon before the end of the month and then turn to Emergent, to work on my rewrite.

Meanwhile I\’ve been mulling over an idea for another Aes Sidhe cast, on Earth. An ambassador of the Winter Court sounds like a fun character to write about, and I thought about making him an Ellyll kleptomaniac. A stealing Faerie would have been fun as heck to write about, but trying to stuff sunglasses made for humans in their tiny pockets would have caused undue trouble.

This isn\’t a plan yet, just an idea. Ideas are cheap, and I might change my mind any moment, but so far, it\’s on the top of my list. After that story, I\’ll then return to the Tuatha De Danann. 

So my tentative schedule for 2021 looks as follows: 

  1. February: Pendulum. 
  2. April/May: Emergent. 
  3. August~ish: Aes Sidhe cast on Earth with (maybe) a klepto ambassador and some politics. 
  4. Late autumn/early winter: Another book with Deirdre MacBreen and the crew of the TTD.

We\’ll see how all this will play out. The above schedule looks easily doable, judging by my progress so far. A book every 3-4 months seems to be in the cards for me. I\’m not the fastest writer on Earth, but I\’m steady.

Anyway, that\’s it for today. It\’s almost 3AM and I should be in bed, but I had to edit that scene that kept bugging me all day long.

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