Pendulum is out!


\”Pendulum\” is now available on Amazon. Here\’s some stats:

Began plotting it on Dec 01, 2020. 

Began writing on Dec 07, 2020. 

Finished the first draft on Jan 19, 2021.

Finished editing on Feb 06, 2021 (Amazon time; local time: Feb 07).

Final length: 71,323 words

This is the first novel I publish. I don\’t expect it to be even noticed by many readers, and that\’s fine. I\’m a small fish in a huge ocean after all, and I\’m prepared to write many more books, anyway. They say people start noticing around book 5, and if that\’s the case, I\’m 20% there. Actually, a bit further, because I\’m already working on the next book, Emergent. 

Anyway, this is just a short blog post about the release of this book, now back to writing.

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