The World (of Aes Sidhe pre/post ‘Singularity’)

In the novel \’Pendulum\’, we are in an era where most of humanity is united and just \’the people of Earth\’. This doesn\’t get mentioned in the story, because it\’s not important for the plot, and especially not something the characters who tell the story think about. Deirdre MacBreen is worried about completely different things, and Daniel Adams only mentions in a conversation with Dr. Maon that he\’s originally from Cascadia and fled from there when there were hostilities on the horizon with Gilead.

In \’Emergent\’, we find ourselves in a different scenario. Here, we have power blocs. America is still divided between Gilead and Cascadia. \’Holy State of Gilead\’ being the bigger country, and a theocracy, ruled by the Great Shepherd in the capitol of Memphis, whereas the more modern, but heavily damaged \’Republic of Cascadia\’ suffers heavily from the effects of global warming. The capitol Seattle, for example, is under water, and the population living underground, like in many places on Earth.

We have Europe, which is nominally still what we know as the EU, but in reality a corporate police state, the likes you\’d find in any cyberpunk scenario. China is exactly what it is today, a totalitarian regime ruled by one party that\’s \’communist\’ only in name. Russia is anarchist and ruled by an oligarchy, whereas Australasia is a federation like the USA today, of more or less independent states under one banner and democratic rule.

\’The Singularity\’ means the point in time the novel \’Emergent\’ ends at, which will lead to the eventual unification of Earth (with the exception of Gilead, which will stay an independent rogue state). 

The next novel after \’Emergent\’ will provide a bit more insight into the political situation on Earth. The scenario will be that of the era \’Pendulum\’ plays in, a future in which humanity is starting to conquer the galaxy. There are various political factions, and diplomacy will be the point of that coming novel I\’m currently planning out, while finishing the first draft of \’Emergent\’ (because I believe it\’s necessary to know where I\’m going).

This will also open the scene for the next cast of characters that will reoccur in future stories.

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