State of ‘Emergent’

So I got in touch with the cover artist I got the one for \’Pendulum\’ from today and asked her to do the next one for me, too. It seems I was lucky, and she can squeeze me in, now the next step would be her confirmation message and an estimated date of completion.

Update: She confirmed, and the cover will likely be done on March 3rd. Last time, she created a cover I liked first try. My demands this time were a bit more complicated, hopefully she can make sense of it all.

I did the climax scene, there will be a follow-up with one more scene belonging to this part of the story, then there will only be denouement to write, which I can wrap up in a day, most probably tomorrow. Then I\’ll start the editing process.

I do most of the first pass in a program called FocusWriter, configured to show my cover as background. This is motivational, and I\’ll need every bit of motivation, because editing is hard work. The first draft might be the more difficult part, but editing is definitely the more exhausting phase.

This is what FocusWriter looks like

The picture of the gate on top of this blog posting is part of my image of the cover. If she can pull it off the way I described it to her, it will look all sorts of awesome, but we\’ll see.

Anyway, I\’m currently waiting for the cover while finishing the draft, getting ready for the editing phase, which should take somewhere between two and four weeks. \’Emergent\’ will come out in March, unless something out of my control gets in the way. I hope it won\’t. I have plans for the next novel in the series and would love to move on.

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