Plans for 2021, Part 2


So, since Pendulum has been out for a while, I finished the draft for Emergent, and now started the edits, too, I decided that, on top of the other two new novels I\’d like to write this year, I\’d like to do one more round of edits for Pendulum and just update the existing story.

I\’m not unhappy with the book as a whole, but there\’s passages I feel I could have done in a different, more interesting way.

This is stuff I\’ll likely do while doing other work. Editing and writing works simultaneously to some degree, they seem to use different parts of the brain. Some changes to Pendulum will make the story more solid in the end, which will benefit me in the long run. This won\’t be a huge rewrite, so it won\’t even take that long.

Apart from that…

I noticed when editing Emergent, that the story flows pretty well, and editing is a very quick process. I seem to just be the type of writer to focus on action. Nevertheless I\’m happy I wrote Pendulum the way it is (a slower man vs nature story), to have a good grip on future novel plans. Deirdre and crew are one of the focal points of the overall story. I believe now, though, that Aes Sidhe will be better off steering away from the sense of wonder aspect a little, in favor of more action.

I have two new projects for 2021, one that plays in our solar system and is a bit of a political thriller in the setting, and a second story, again with the crew of the Tuatha De Danann, in which I\’ll introduce an alien race to the setting, and from there on, work my way to a more cosmopolitan setting with a greater galactic community, which then makes Aes Sidhe a proper space opera.

With so much to plan and prepare, it will take a few volumes to get into full swing, but that\’s okay. Like I wrote in another posting on this blog, Aes Sidhe will have a number of casts of characters, similar to Discworld. Each of these casts is its own mini-series, mostly standalone, but embedded in the greater setting, with crossovers, and influencing each other. I want internal politics, external politics, exploration and action, both MilSF and thriller, each contained in their casts, so the reader can selectively target books to read or avoid. I want to create a number of short series that can be read in isolation, or even just single books with their completed story. Reading it all though will reveal bits and pieces in each book, and form the big picture when read in its entirety.

All this will be a lot of fun, and already goes beyond the scope of 2021, but I\’ll create the foundation for everything this year. This is where we come full circle. To create a strong foundation, I need to give Pendulum one more round of edits. This will not be a separate release, it will be an update for the existing Kindle version.

Anyway, that\’s it for now.

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