Emergent is published


It took a week longer than expected, but here it is, Emergent.

I\’m very happy with how it turned out. The story is nice, the pacing works, and the characters are strong enough to get into the ring again later — which is exactly what will happen in the project I\’ll start to develop now.

I won\’t write the new novel for a while yet; There\’s the move to our new home, which will keep us busy for a while, and my teaching job. Not to worry though. I got my workflow down now and am already sitting on my plot for the next book, which will be a follow-up to this one, before I then return to Deirdre\’s timeline after that. I also learned a lot about the craft while writing these first two books, and now I have a rough idea how to do various things, so there\’s less thinking and looking up to do in the future.

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