Children of Gaea


The next book in the series will be another “Aes Sidhe Prequel”, which means it plays before Deirdre’s timeline, which for the Aes Sidhe series would be “present”. It’s set in a time after Emergent, circa twenty years after those events conclude. The world is about to sign its first constitution as united people into effect, and of course things happen and threaten the peace.

If you already moved on to Aes Sidhe (Pendulum), you know how things will eventually turn out, but there are several outcomes that aren’t guaranteed, all of which influence what the world looks like in Aes Sidhe, at the start of humanity’s expansion period.

After this, I’ll move to the main series again. I have several plans for that novel. I want Deirdre to meet Noah Ward and Maya again, on board the Mag Mell, and I want to introduce the first race of aliens to the universe.

The next book, though, is less space, more cyberpunk, even though the setting is further into the future, and humanity made technological progress. Tech is the central theme of Children of Gaea. I had Makoto talk about how much the code of the AI reminds him of the flow of magic of a spell construct. In Children of Gaea, the theme is a chip than can emulate magic and construct spells without using actual magical energies. It’s “synthetic magic”, which would have certain ramifications, and those would be favorable for certain parties. I won’t go into that any deeper at this point.

Anyway, my move is in less than 2 weeks, after which I’ll be offline for 1 week. Since I do my outlines online, via Trello, I’ll be separated from my writing/planning for a few days, and that might just be a good thing. Or the addiction is too strong, and I use my phone to tether a connection. We’ll see.

I plan to release this book in summer, hopefully near the end of June, but that would be the optimal case. A more realistic expectation would be “some time in July/August”. My official plans for 2021 are 4 books, 2 of which are out, so I still got 8 months to produce the other 2. I like to be conservative about this, because life is full of surprises, both good and bad.

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