Move finished

 As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were to move house at the end of the month, and we\’re now \’done\’ with it. This stands in quotes because one isn\’t truly done after moving, for quite a while. Getting used to everything is part of the process as well. Finding the light switch you want, successful navigation on longer doggy walks.

We\’re making good progress though, and life is slowly settling down. I\’ll also start teaching my high school kids soon, so that part of my life is going to return to normal, too, or as close as possible during this pandemic, with Japan lagging behind with vaccinations (I\’ve yet to receive a shot and don\’t expect one in 2021).

Anyway, all this isn\’t the reason I\’m writing this blog post.

I\’m almost done plotting the next novel, Children of Gaea. There\’s a little pacing thing towards the end of Act 2 and beginning of 3 that requires me to insert a little complication for 2 of my arcs, but I\’m aware of it and can start writing as soon as I feel the time is right, which will be May 1st. I\’m writing this here a few minutes past midnight, so technically, this would be tomorrow, but I don\’t count my days that way 😉

So this is the latest news, next time I\’ll introduce the characters of the next novel and talk a bit about them.

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