Another move!

After I just finished moving house, I decided to move my website, as well. Blogger is easy to use, and so is Google Pages, but when there’s something a web design – challenged person like me can’t handle alone, there’s no way to fix issues like that fat, white whatever-it-was that blocked the lower 50% of the screen of my homepage, when viewed on phones, which is what you can see above.

I had been aware of this issue for a while,. but first I had to finish Emergent, then I had the move, and now… I’m ahead of my schedule with Children of Gaea and don’t have an excuse anymore.

I don’t dislike Google, despite them being that dystopian Lovecraft creature with tentacles everywhere, threatening to doom us all. They are, after all, hosting all my stuff. The temporary file I write in when outside is on Google Docs, and my backups and recordings on Google Drive. Not even mentioning all my email accounts for various purposes. Google is a part of my life, and entrusting them my website was my first impulse, and it felt right at that time.

But now that I’m on WordPress, I can see why so many people prefer it. It’s pretty great with all it offers. Their customer service is terrible, though. My very first ticket right after subscribing and paying for a year in advance got a canned response containing a tutorial link. 0/10, not even a point for effort — there was none.

Apart from that though, I’m pretty happy with how my page looks now. No more janky code to embed a Blogger feed on the homepage, the blog is native here. I never had or wanted a fancy site, so what I get here is enough for my needs. I’m a humble netizen.

That being said, back to work. I have a novel to write. Here’s a snippet from my scene yesterday.

His face was red, a vein stood out at his temple, and the edges of his mouth were turned downward, but neither his wings, nor his eyes betrayed an emotion. What a weird Faerie this was.
“Show me your true form, and we might let you live, Summer Court scum,” I said in the most arrogant tone I managed to modulate.
“Who made you an ambassador, you insufferable bitch?”
Finally anger overpowered his self-control, and the blue of his eyes turned into a greenish yellow for just a heartbeat. There was no doubt now.
Then I heard footsteps outside, and his twisted expression loosened up again. The grin returned on his face.
“This farce ends now, ambassador.”
Earnan nodded and pulled the trigger. A bullet slammed into the chest of the Summer Court Ellyll, and his chair was driven backwards by the kinetic energy of the impact.

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