Synthesis cover reveal


So here we go. The cover for the third book is finished, now I can get back to writing the draft and finish it. I had taken a few days off while waiting. During this phase of writing a new book, it gets exhausting sometimes — you spent a while already, know everything very well, have an idea how much work the edits will be, and you’ve been living with your characters for a few weeks. At 70-75%, writing is the most difficult, so I picked this time to get the cover done, to motivate myself. The new cover is now the background of Focus Writer, the program I’m usually using to do my rewrites.

Anyway. I’ll finish the draft as planned until the end of the month (hopefully earlier), so I can get the finished version out of the door by the end of August. Teaching will start again in September, and I’d love to have it done by then, so I can work out the next project.

The lady on the cover is Ciara Sheenani, ambassador of the Winter Court, and main character of this novel.

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