Editing “Synthesis”

I finished the draft of “Synthesis” a few days ago and am since working on the edits.

With how my process works (dictation, transcription, then cleaning up the text), I usually already have pretty smooth drafts to work with. Since I’m writing very detailed outlines, I also don’t suffer from structural problems, and things like pacing, I already planned out, so if there were any logic problems, I’d have fixed those by now. This is a lesson I learned with Pendulum. The book has several points I wish I had planned better at the time, and when I edited Emergent, I had to do a thorough rewrite of most parts. With Synthesis, I handled most of it very early on.

All this makes it easier and faster, but the end product won’t be done earlier, since I’m not doing this all alone. A friend will edit it, too, and I’ll have to wait for them to be ready to work on it. But that’s fine; I’m not in a hurry. Like I wrote last time, the next project after this will be the rewrite of Pendulum, which I’ll post here scene by scene. I’m also now experimenting with various TTS solutions to create voiceovers, because I’d rather not tackle this myself, but we’ll see how this goes. I really don’t like my voice. There is still some time left to think about it. I’ll focus on getting Synthesis done and making it the best version I can before I then move on to tackle the next thing. Next time, I’ll go through how I plan to approach Pendulum v2.0, as there’s much to be said about the things I have in mind.

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