5150 Cover Reveal

This is the cover of the novel I’m currently drafting, 5150. The original California police code 5150 is a bit different in meaning (escaped criminal insane person), but in pop culture, 5150 stands for “crazy person on the loose”. This book is about Daniel from Emergent, a former agent of the Inquisition of the Holy State of Gilead, who came home to face things from his past he cannot rectify with his faith. Seeking for redemption, he goes on the warpath against the church in the east of the former USA.

It will still take a while until this book is finished, I’m only currently writing Chapter 8 and am about to break into Act 2, while simultaneously working on the edits of Synthesis, but I knew exactly what I wanted, so I figured I’d just get the cover now, then it’s sitting there already and will be ready when I am. This is the third book in the “cyberpunk meets urban fantasy” style of Emergent and Synthesis, and I’m thinking about following it up with some more space opera a la Pendulum after (I also want to use that cast of characters again), but things are always in flux.

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