Emergent, Synthesis, 5150 and beyond

I decided to switch my model from Amazon exclusive to “Going Wide” and unpublished Emergent for a re-release everywhere on July 1st. In order to do so, I pulled it from Amazon, it will stay live until June 29th. By that time, Synthesis will be ready, as well, and 5150’s first draft will be long done (and the next book will be in the drafting stages).

My plan is to stagger the releases in 3-month intervals, beginning with Emergent in July, Synthesis in October, then 5150 in January 2023. I’m not in a hurry with this, and would like to do it in a calm and planned manner, unlike my rushed release of Pendulum back in the day (which is now, and will stay, free on this website/blog).

Why would I do that? For one, because putting all my eggs in one basket seemed like a bad idea from the start, but I had no experience with anything, and staying Amazon-exclusive unlocks useful tools like promotion weeks (which I made no use of, anyway), and the Kindle Unlimited market, which does more for Romance, LitRPG and, to some degree, Fantasy than for my kind of novels (SFF/Cyberpunk/Space Opera).

There’s one more reason, and a silly one, at that: Amazon can’t pay you your royalties if you don’t own a bank account in select countries, and I’m located in Japan. Means I had to make use of Payoneer, and even so, books I sold in countries other than the USA, I still haven’t received any royalties for to this day. This might not be a big deal at this point, but it will become one in the future, and planning long-term seems like a good idea. Going wide solves this problem, as Draft2Digital can utilise other channels (like PayPal, which I have been using for years).

TL;DR: Emergent will stay live, then be unavailable for 2 days, than reappear everywhere (Apple, Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and others), including Amazon on July 1st.

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