Project Status

I thought I’d start the new year with a status report of my current projects and some thoughts on what to do in which order. Since my writing projects aren’t all that numerous, this will be a pretty short posting, but I think it’ll be interesting to do it now, and look back at this report at the end of the year, to see how far I’ll have come.


5150 is currently in the editing stages. It’s already fairly polished, which makes my work easy. This project is at about 80% finished right now and will be done within the month. My personal release deadline is the 14th of January, and I’m confident I can make this goal, unless something really bad happens.

New Series (Worldbuilding)

The new series has a pretty complex setting with a whole lot of places (a binary star system with two colonised planets, a gas giant, several moons and a primordial black hole) and characters (19, of which only a handful are main characters). This is a work in progress, obviously, but the background I will need for the first book is at 100%. For the books after this first one, I’ll have to add bits and pieces, but that’s content I can create between books, while one draft is on the shelf for later editing, while I plan the next one.

New Series (Book 1)

I’m currently still developing the plot, after which I’ll build an outline. The plot is about halfway done, the work on the outline will start when that’s done. But that’s preparation work I won’t count as progress yet, so the current status is 0%.

Pendulum Rewrite

The Pendulum novel rewrite is fully outlined and prepared, including detailled scene plans. The first draft of this rewrite is about 40% done, after which I will edit the whole thing. At the end, I’ll make it available as free download on this website. I would estimate the total progress on this book at 25%, and I’m not in a hurry with it. I will finish it while working on other things, whenever I feel like changing things up will refresh my spirits. Impossible to estimate a date for this, but it’s definitely on my radar and won’t go anywhere.


There are other things I’ll have to work on, one of which will be the mailing list I will need to promote the new series. I never did promotion for the Aes Sidhe series and don’t plan to do any, either. It’s my first steps as a writer, a series that provided me with experience and taught me what I know now; it’s not something I would want to invest in to get sales. It might or might not take off if the new series makes it, but I won’t sweat it either way. I’ll also have to get covers for the new books, but that’s something I won’t bother thinking about too deeply yet. Like I wrote in an earlier blog post, I might just write more than one book in the new series before I think about publishing. This way, I can get multiple covers that follow a coherent style, and it enables me to jump back into earlier books to adapt things, in case I come up with better ideas, so there’s no retcon problem.

That’s it for now. I’ll check this post again in December.

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