About A. Omukai

A. Omukai was born in June 1975. He is finding it odd to write about himself in third person, but will continue to do so, because someone somewhere once decided that that’s the way to do it.

Originally from Germany, he fled to Japan many moons ago. His first finished, but thankfully never published manuscript was a terrible pulp story of about 20.000 words about a demon hunter. His love for books and the hole in his heart whenever he finished one, drove him to sit down and do it himself. These days, he’s a language teacher at a high school by day, and creator of worlds by night. He still loves to read, rediscovered his love for writing after years spent playing too many computer games instead of putting words down. He still looks longingly at this or that game from time to time, but these days, playing god in a text document is more fun for him.