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Earth’s First Administrator is killed on his way to Titan Ring Station, where he was supposed to sign Earth’s first constitution. Several factions benefit from the assassination, but the prime suspect, has been a staunch ally of humanity ever since they revealed themselves.

The AI sends a team to investigate, while the ambassador of the Winter Court, Ciara Sheenani, takes matters in her own hands. On a quest to prove her court’s innocence, she encounters heavy resistance. Meanwhile, an agent of the AI, Makoto Suzuki, has his own enemies to fight, including someone who is a link to his human past.

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Makoto is a changeling, with one foot in our crumbling world and one in the hidden, who can’t keep his head in either. He is also a computer engineering savant, poised to witness the birth of the first general AI. But in this war and climate change ravaged future, it’s not that easy to survive progress.

Nadya Ivanov is the Russian hacker responsible for freeing the AI prototype from the Chinese government in the first place, and now she’s on the run along with the would-be hit man sent by the American zealots to stop her.

Emergent is a globe trotting, desperate brawl for survival in the Earth’s ruined tomorrow. Dangerous world powers like Gilead, the authoritarian post-US theocracy, the Chinese government, and Australasian crime syndicates with ties to the Other Side all want supremacy.

The chaos is rising, will Makoto keep his head together long enough to survive it and restore order to both worlds?

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Earth is turning into a hellscape. Water levels rise, violent storms ravage the surface, and life is becoming less and less viable.

Humanity needs a new home, and so do the Aes Sidhe, mythical creatures of the Otherworld of Celtic lore.

Druid apprentice Deirdre “Jump Drive” MacBreen has orders to scout the system Gliese 667 C. No known technology can transport the ship over these twenty-three light years faster than light, but her magic can, and she’s the best.

But even Deirdre can’t see that far, and her jump has dire consequences.

Not only are they trapped in the system, their arrival on Gliese 667 Cc triggers an anaphylactic shock—of the planet itself. The natural cycle the planet has been going through for aeons is out of balance, and now the pendulum swings back, gaining too much momentum, threatening to destroy everything.

Frantically looking for a way to save her ship’s crew and herself, but also a planet spiralling out of control, she must learn to go beyond what she knows, as her magic fails her, and her time runs out.