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Makoto is a changeling, with one foot in our crumbling world and one in the hidden, who can’t keep his head in either. He is also a computer engineering savant, poised to witness the birth of the first general AI. But in this war and climate change ravaged future, it’s not that easy to survive progress.

Nadya Ivanov is the Russian hacker responsible for freeing the AI prototype from the Chinese government in the first place, and now she’s on the run along with the would-be hit man sent by the American zealots to stop her.

Emergent is a globe trotting, desperate brawl for survival in the Earth’s ruined tomorrow. Dangerous world powers like Gilead, the authoritarian post-US theocracy, the Chinese government, and Australasian crime syndicates with ties to the Other Side all want supremacy.

The chaos is rising, will Makoto keep his head together long enough to survive it and restore order to both worlds?