Pendulum Ch. 34: Battlefield

Corporal Hill’s condition declined again. Up and down, back and forth, he descended to the gates of death, only to bounce back. Not he himself, of course. The medibot swarm destroyed a culture here, only to be overrun in another place, and the human body couldn’t withstand an unlimited supply of bots in its bloodstream. […]

Pendulum Ch. 33: Another One

What was his name again? Achim called up the team members’ roster and scrolled through the list of unpronounceable strings. Rodaidh O’Beirnei. Another tongue breaker from their Aes Sidhe partners, and, from his last name, a lurikeen. He gave the impulse to open the file, and it disappeared before his eyes. Achim stopped short. An […]

Pendulum Ch. 32: Analysis

ITS network was abuzz with traffic. Information packets streamed in, passed connection knots, went through checks for data integrity and redundancy and made it to bigger hubs, where restructuring took place. Over time, it integrated more and more packages, and a picture formed, like a newly formed fledgling outgrowth, connection by connection.IT had erred.The motiles […]

Pendulum Ch. 31: The River

The river lay right in front of their small vehicle. Only one of Gliese’s suns was still on the horizon, and the residual light caused fiery reflections on the surface, a million red and orange flames flickering in and out of existence on the black water. The current the Wisp’s instruments had measured were not […]

Pendulum Ch. 30 Delay / Announcement

You might have noticed that I was a bit late with the last chapter of Pendulum, and there is a slightly embarrassing reason for this. I’m just finishing my fast while I’m writing this. It’s day 10, and I’ve been living off of coffee and water, and some supplements. Nothing else. While I’m physically fine, […]

Pendulum Ch. 30: The Foothills

Maon stared at his hands. The last two days had been busy. He still counted time in this way, even though the evening had barely passed, and dusk turned into an unusually bright night. Corporal Hill moaned on the sickbed, his face purple and the throat swollen. The following hours would decide if he’d make […]

Pendulum Ch. 29: Drone Dance

The large breach in the hull where the entrance of the hangar had been had made things easier and more complicated at the same time. Achim’s engineering teams had to wear suits here, and his fully automatised army of robots, while precise and efficient at their jobs, couldn’t do the needed reprogramming and configuration work, […]

“Books” page updated

I just updated my books page. It was fine when I first started and built this webpage, but it grew a bit long and unwieldy and required too much scrolling to get through the content (and that’s with just 4 books, imagine that with 20!), so I decided to sit down and remake it. After […]

Pendulum Ch. 28: Excursion

It had begun with a harmless rash. Just a tiny itch under the armpits at first, where it was dark and damp and perfectly natural to get itchy in a space suit, especially in the humidity they were dealing with. Adams had thought little about it when he was hunting for pieces of gear all […]

Pendulum Ch. 27: Lights In the Sky

The golden sky had turned blood red some time ago. It had taken forever and must have happened gradually, almost unnoticeably, but Deirdre had taken a nap during that time, and the difference popped out immediately. What also stood out was their change of locations. She had awoken to the sound of the closing airlock, […]


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