久しぶり is Japanese and means “after a long time”. This title basically means “long time no see” in the context of this posting. It’s been a while since I last posted on here. With that out of the way… July is gone, and my first draft should be finished by now. It isn’t though, and […]

Synthesis cover reveal

So here we go. The cover for the third book is finished, now I can get back to writing the draft and finish it. I had taken a few days off while waiting. During this phase of writing a new book, it gets exhausting sometimes — you spent a while already, know everything very well, […]

Work and writing and Japanese summers

We finally entered the rainy season here in Japan. This is not a correct opening, areas further south and west, like Okinawa and Kyushu, had it start earlier, but now it reached us here in the Kanto area, too (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama). I’ve been here for a while, and know from experience that this […]

Gilead Chronicles

In the universe of the Aes Sidhe, the USA is split into two rivalling states: The Holy State of Gilead and the Republic of Cascadia. The latter later joined the unified human state, while the former remains a rogue state. I mentioned it in Pendulum, very briefly. In Emergent, one of my POV characters is […]

Why Faeries? (And why not fairies, anyway?)

When I wrote Emergent, back before I started on Pendulum later, it was a straightforward story about a hardware designer in a megacorp, who had just produced the world’s first stable prototype of a positronic computer, and in order to use this new hardware to full effect, a normal OS just wouldn’t do — a […]

Are we there yet?

I started to write my new novel on May 1st. The month is almost over, so… are we there yet? It usually takes me roughly a month to write a first draft, and another to edit it. That is, if I have time and peace to do my dictation, because I’m not one to sit […]

My first and last “advice for new authors” post, ever. I promise.

Preface I’m an author, and as such, sometimes hang out with other writers, some of which are new to the whole writing thing, some even brand new, with not a clue where to start. The fact alone that they made it to the kind of places I hang out at proves their dedication and motivation, […]

Another move!

After I just finished moving house, I decided to move my website, as well. Blogger is easy to use, and so is Google Pages, but when there’s something a web design – challenged person like me can’t handle alone, there’s no way to fix issues like that fat, white whatever-it-was that blocked the lower 50% […]

Writing the first draft

  I\’m currently working on the first draft of Children of Gaea. The progress is smooth. I still wish I could do dictation, that would speed it up considerably, and from time to time I can, but most of the novel is the product of my commute to work via long, boring train rides. This […]

Children of Gaea – The POV characters

This above is the video I’m listening to while thinking about the new novel, Children of Gaea, the main characters of which I will introduce in this posting. A decade has passed since Emergent played out, and with the exception of China and Gilead, the states of Earth are now unified. The First Administrator of […]


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