My Outlining Process

Outlining is a painful process. Where some writers swear they enjoy writing most when just sitting down and unearthing the story, discovering what happens along the way, it just doesn’t work that way for me. I have to outline to not get lost during the writing, and to know what I want to write when […]

Pendulum Ch. 16: Gliese 667Cc

Deirdre opened her eyes. The sky above was in flames, the clouds blazing in a bright orange. Was it morning? Or evening? Her head hurt, a dull pain spreading out from the neck. Apart from that, she didn’t feel bad, just so tired. Everything seemed to be made of lead, even her eyelids. A pinging […]

Pendulum Ch. 15: Free Fall

Rodachan dropped like a rock, way too fast, even if he considered the higher gravity of this world. Maybe it was just in his head. The planet reached out for him, grabbed him and pulled him down to the surface, and his feet felt heavier than the rest of his body. He activated his system’s […]

Pendulum Ch. 14: Transporter

The boat floated out of the hangar and into space without a sound. Unlike the Tuatha De Danann, the transporter had actual windows. There was no way to tell their position within the Milky Way, though. Gliese 667 wasn’t far enough away from Earth to completely change how outer space looked. Star density, general shape […]

Emergent, Synthesis, 5150 and beyond

I decided to switch my model from Amazon exclusive to “Going Wide” and unpublished Emergent for a re-release everywhere on July 1st. In order to do so, I pulled it from Amazon, it will stay live until June 29th. By that time, Synthesis will be ready, as well, and 5150’s first draft will be long […]

Pendulum Ch. 13: Hangar

The ship had three lifeboats and two transporters. One for material, one for personnel. Deirdre had arrived at the hangar just a moment ago and wasn’t sure she could trust her eyes. Two of the three small transporter vessels were smouldering heaps of trash. The two big box-like transporters had crashed, too, and one of […]

Pendulum Ch. 12: Thornhill

The captain’s personal office was directly connected to the bridge. Thornhill opened the door and gestured for Achim to go in. The new-ship-smell still lingered, more so here in this narrow cabin than outside, on the bridge, but it, too, would go in time.“After you, Mr Schulz.”Entering the office first didn’t feel right, but he […]

Pendulum Ch. 11: Runes

Deck Two showed no sign anything had happened. All the destruction was limited to the middle part of the Tuatha De Danann. When Deirdre had made her way up from Deck One, she had still been in shock, her attention laser-focused on getting out of the chaos and into Brilann’s quarters. Now that she had […]

On “Men Writing Women”

“Men Writing Women” is so much of a stereotype these days that there is its dedicated subreddit for it. It’s 2022 now, and this discussion has taken on a much broader scope around gender identity. This includes sexuality, gender, nationality or culture (leading to things like “cultural appropriation”, and so on). I’ve seen a lot […]

Pendulum Ch. 10: Wrecked

Deirdre looked around. All officers who had not yet been here when the incident occurred had gathered on the bridge of the Tuatha De Danann, or what was left of it. The midsection of the ship was heavily damaged, with walls destroyed and rooms being exposed to open space, which included the briefing room, so […]


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